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    Diet refers to the intake of food and nourishment for the growth and maintenance of the body. Dieticians or nutritionists consider a diet as a balanced meal that contains appropriate portions of all nutrients. A good diet helps a person to maintain good health. Fitness is the overall well being of the body. Diet is a therefore an important part of fitness.

    A good diet is one of the means to fitness and in turn, good health. Fitness programs include a combination of exercises and a balanced diet. Both these aspects go hand-in-hand and hence, fitness cannot be achieved by following only one of them.

    A fitness program that is beneficial on a long-term basis always incorporates diet suggestions. Research has proved that by following a diet, the food a person ingests is burnt up only through exercise. With recent studies showing that most people lead an inactive life, fitness programs that include stretching and aerobic exercises can help the body keep its mobility. Programs that lay emphasis on weight loss also suggest routine workouts for faster results. “Low carb” diets are also popular with weight loss enthusiasts. However, doctors and medical practitioners indicate that weight loss can be maintained only if the person has sufficient exercise.

    Increase in physical activity is of prime importance in any fitness program. If work schedules and lifestyle do not permit it, it is advisable to visit a fitness center at least thrice a week. Exercise helps the body to increase immunity levels. It also increases stamina for a more active life. For people suffering from chronic diseases such as arthritis, physical mobility is a must. Exercises help them minimize disability due to such disease.

    Fitness programs that combine physical activity with diet are more advantageous for a lasting effect on health. These fitness programs have in house nutritionists, doctors and psychologist to help participants at each step. These fitness programs not only help in weight loss but also promote a healthier lifestyle.

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