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    February 13, 2021 /  Fitness

    People who start getting into fitness usually wind up discussing genetics at one point or another. They might read up on the “fat gene,” and start thinking that the people who are lean, toned, and muscular are just, “genetically gifted,” while people are chronically overweight just aren’t. As an Irvine Personal trainer, I have even had some clients warn me that losing weight is going to be extra hard for them because they just don’t have the “genetics” for it. I hate this kind of thinking, because it is really limiting, and ignores the very real importance of determination, tenacity, and motivation when it comes to getting into shape.

    Motivation is everything when it comes to fitness success. As an Irvine personal trainer, if I had the choice between taking on a particularly genetically gifted client, and a client why was extremely motivated to get fit, I would choose the latter every time. Because in my experience, it isn’t the people born with the best genetics who wind up with the body they want, it’s the people who want it the most. Another great advantage of motivation is that it can be learned. Try to apply these great tips to your own journey towards weight loss and fitness.

    Educate Yourself – You should keep on doing what you are doing right now: read up on fitness and weight loss. The more information you learn on how to get slim, the more you can apply it to your fitness an diet plan and make it more effective. Plus, constantly learning about weight loss will make you feel connected to the fitness community. Soon, you will be forming your own opinions about what works and what doesn’t, and shaking your head every time some huckster on TV tries to sell you a useless ab machine or supplement.

    Don’t Be a Slave to Fads – America has endured a ton of diet fads, including the Scarsdale diet, the grapefruit diet, the low-carb diet, dozens of others. Diet fads are usually a big motivation killer because they don’t work, leading to discouragement and frustration. Plus, people who attach themselves to diet fads usually abandon one kind of diet as soon as another becomes fashionable, meaning they try to learn a whole new set of nutritional rules.

    No matter what they tell you, in the end, losing weight is a numbers game. You have to expend more calories than you take in, through both exercise and your base metabolic rate. It also helps if the foods you eat come from whole grains, fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats, and if you avoid sugar and saturated fat.

    Associate with People Who Have the Same Goals – If your significant other wants to get fit alongside you, that would be ideal. Losing weight can sometimes feel like a constant uphill struggle, and when you have someone alongside you who is going through the exact same struggles, it can be just the extra push you need to reach the end.

    Make Saturday “Cheat Day” – On Saturday, for one meal, allow yourself to have anything you would like to eat in the world. It can be a bowl of ice cream, or a couple slices of pizza, or even that fried Chinese food that you have been craving. Giving yourself a day to blow off a little “diet steam” helps to prevent you from feeling deprived, and helps you avoid temptation during the rest of the week. Instead of having the food that tempts you on Thursday, you can tell yourself that you will just have it on your cheat day.

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