• Without oil, the fish can be cooked, how come?

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    September 5, 2021 /  Food

    DURING this to get a level of maturity in fish, of course, you use oil for frying, there is now a way that can be done, without using oil.

    “To cook the fish, do not ever use oil but to use other materials, then you can do it, do I just use salt water,” said Heriyanto, Executive Chef at the Millennium Hotel Okezone when met at the Millennium Hotel, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta.

    According to him, the use of salt water fish will easily mature, because salt has a high compound to make the body of the fish so hard.

    Well, to make it, then simply soak the fish with salt water use, with size 50 tablespoons water, and just one tablespoon of salt, then soak the fish for 30 minutes.

    “With salt water soaked, then the texture of the fish will be hard to change,” he continued.

    After soaking the fish removed, then cleaned the fish, then cut the fish to taste. New you can eat.

    In mature fish using salt water, then do not use warm water, as hot water will kill the bacteria in fish meat, the freshness factor was so lost.

    Similarly, using cold water, because cold temperatures will cause freezing, as cold curing properties.

    “Simply use water temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, equivalent to room temperature,” he concluded.

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