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    June 2, 2021 /  Fitness

    If you want to use yoga for eyes there is a special meditation you can do. This meditation is specifically designed to improve myopia (near sightedness). We must, however, include the cautionary that success in the meditation depends upon the individual.

    The individual must be at a certain level of awareness in Yoga. This is a tricky cat, because many people teach just the postures, and include little or even no instruction on how to handle the mind and spirit. Thus, a person might be able to do advanced postures, but still not have enough spiritual awareness to use the meditation to fix the myopia.

    Not to belabor, but this last point is important. The explicit question I always ask people is: what do you do with the mind while in posture? Outside of reading yogic scripture, which is usually mistranslated anyway, there are very few instructions on what to do with the mind.

    You can actually do the meditation in any number of poses, but easy pose is probably the best, though, to be sure, corpse pose has much to offer. You don’t want to pick difficult poses, however, because you are going to put awareness into the eyes, and you don’t want to be straining or struggling with an errant body part or joint. So cross legged or laying down is best.

    Lay on your back with your eyes closed (we will use the corpse pose for our discussion), and put your awareness in first one toe, and then the other. Here’s the interesting thing, you will find that your eyes shift slightly, as if looking at the specific toe, when you do this. When you can put awareness in a toe without shifting the eyes you have sufficient awareness to do the meditation, and may experience much yoga benefit.

    As you lay in the corpse yoga pose (eyes closed) imagine the space in front of your eyes. Just doing this will be of much benefit, even if you have not built your awareness to the proper level. See what is in front of your eyes using only the mind.

    As you progress, especially as your awareness comes up, you will become aware of a band of rigid energy in the forehead. This band of energy may seem to come out of the side of the eyes and form a band in front of the forehead. The point of this yoga meditation is to relax that band.

    All the problems of life you have created. You have created your own myopia, but if you can relax the eyes, and here we are talking about the energy in and around your eyes, then myopia may recede, and even disappear. This is a simple meditation of yoga for the eyes, but you must not self doubt, nor slack off.

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