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    July 19, 2021 /  Fitness

    Do you always feel fifteen pounds heavier after coming back from vacation? All that eating out and indulging can pack on a few pounds. Whether you are worried about packing on the pounds while traveling, already have a few to lose or just simply love exercising and would like to tone up; consider trying a fitness vacation. It is one of the hottest new trends in travel, not only do you get to get away, which in itself feels good, but you also get to lose weight and get fitter. There are plenty of fitness friendly travel options, but here are just a few of the many fitness vacations out there.

    Bikini Boot Camp – Amansala Tulum Mexico

    Bikini Boot Camp: Mind, Body and Spirit, was created as a place for women and men to get into great shape, relax – and feel good about their selves while doing it. This six-night program is limited to 25 men and women and is held at the chic resort Amansala, located on a secluded beach setting in Tulum, Mexico.

    A day, while on this fitness vacation, starts with a powerwalk through the beautiful beaches or jungles and is followed by a combination of body sculpting, power ab sessions and Pilates. The day winds down with yoga and meditation. In between these activities, there are excursions to the nearby jungle for swimming and snorkeling in fresh water swimming holes, Mayan Clay Treatments, lots of water and plenty of sunshine.

    The Bikini Boot Camp also gives its guests delicious, low fat meals free of chemicals. The meals consist of fresh caught grilled fish, jicima salads and mangos, which will leave you feeling lighter and healthier.

    With exercise and toning, delicious low-fat food, exciting excursions and a beautiful and relaxing setting – you’ll come back fitter and more relaxed.

    The six-night programs are held year round, and three- and four-night programs are available upon request. Prices for six nights start at $1,842, not including airfare.

    Fatpacking – Nationwide

    Fatpacking is definitely not as resort-like and fancy as Bikini Boot Camp or other healthy spa fitness vacations, but just simple, back to basics exercise. Basically, fatpacking is weight loss backpacking. Fatpacking leaders take clients on one and two week wilderness hiking vacations with two objectives: getting fit and giving guests an unforgettable wilderness experience.

    Fatpacking gives its hikers a supportive environment for slower or older hikers to feel comfortable and unrushed, so they can enjoy the beautiful scenery around them while getting fit. Unlike other programs, fatpacking allows you to eat whatever you’d like, but you got to carry it all on your back. The walks are intense and long, but at a slower pace. The end goal is for backpackers to lose weight, feel great, rid themselves of stress and enjoy the beautiful remote places within which they hike.

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